Lady Gaga Moonwalks the Grammys

Looks like Lady Gaga's red carpet Grammy look took a cue from Giorgio Armani's moon-inspired 2010 couture line this week in Paris - except for the small fact that Mr. Armani designed the frock especiialy for Gaga.

"I am honored to be wearing Armani this evening," she said in a statement to Us. "The series of pieces Mr. Armani created for me are truly iconic; they represent not only beautiful fashion, but my spirit and essence as an artist. Mr. Armani is a fashion legend, and tonight would not have been the same without his touch, and his wonderful team."

Jewelry, well, is all a part of the dress but I'm keeping my eyes glued to the screen for costume jewels to match her duet partner - Elton John - during the show. Stay tuned!

Anna Nicole Smith's Lost Treasure

Jewelry tales of the rich and famous never cease to amaze me - from the extravagant acquisitions of New York's tony billionaires (Brooke Astor, et al) to celebrity jewelry boxes full of baubles worth more than our mortgages.

The latest entry in the latter category concerns the late Anna Nicole Smith, whose financial woes were well-reported following the death of her gazillionaire 'husband' back in the 90s. According to government files just released from the starlet's 1996 bankruptcy proceedings, Smith apparently lost some $2.7 million in jewelry.

Yes. Lost.

Among the pieces listed was a ring with three diamonds, including one weighing 8.45 carats(!), and a platinum necklace with 226 diamonds, totaling nearly 74 carats. Together, the two pieces alone were valued at nearly a half-million dollars. Their whereabouts were never determined, and it is not known if the pieces were stolen or if Anna just 'misplaced' them in a drug-induced haze.

Can you believe this? How does someone just 'lose' millions of dollars in jewels? This isn't your run-of-the-mill missing earring down the bathroom sink or tennis bracelet that breaks while you're out on the town, folks. Oi!

Tragic as her accidental death was, equally as tragic is how someone can be so out of it that they treat valuables we mere mortals would kill for with such nonchalance. What do you guys think? Am I being too harsh? Maybe it's good I have the Grammy Awards to distract me this weekend.


Paris Couture Shows Bring out the Bling

Jewelry hounds, it's been a whirlwind of jewelry looky-looing lately, what with Awards Season in full swing here in the States. But across the pond in Paris there's a 'jewelry as fashion art' display going down that's not to be missed.

The Spring 2010 Paris Couture shows are known for extravagant displays for only the rich and famous, but that doesn't mean we can't lower our jaws from afar, right?

Enter the triumvirate of taste: John Galliano for Dior, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Georgio Armani for Armani Prive. I'm already hyperventilating.

Lagerfeld has spoken, folks: 'silver is the new gold' with his first line that hasn't included black, navy or nary a gold button. Silver cuffs and crystal bangles adorned the pastel pallete of classic Chanel looks, with evening wear that used diamond necklaces as part of each gown's structure. Interesting.

Mr. Armani was inspired by the moon this season, and used mother-of-pearl brooches, earrings, and statement necklaces to light up his line.

And my beloved John Galliano has done it again. With the 'eccentric millionairess' as his muse, the Dior designer created a line that had the celebrity front row gasping in approval, according to

HUGE statement pieces of crystal and gold in every shade made the elaborate evening wear come to life. And wouldn't you know, the teardrop shape made a glittering appearance here too - (see my recent red carpet coverage for more 'tears').

How's that lower jaw doing? I could gawk at Galiano for days. Not a huge fan of the Lagerfeld looks, and feel the Armani pieces are a bit too one-note for my taste. Kindof like the heart motif Donatella Versace used in Milan's 2008 Fall show. What do you guys think?

Stay tuned for more Paris couture coverage this week, and I'm already saddling up for Sunday's Grammy Awards red carpet. Come Tweet with me!

SAG Jewelry Hits and Misses

The 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards shined a light on some unique red carpet jewelry choices for a change - some stunning, some, well, notsomuch.

The winners in my book were Diane Kruger (see my earlier post for more), Kate Hudson in over $1 million of Cartier diamonds

Marion Cotillard in over $1 million of Chopard in her hair alone (!), Christina Hendricks in another teardrop triumph (by Irit), and a glowing Christina Applegate in Lorraine Schwartz diamonds - including this unique diamond hair piece. Love it.

I'm on the fence about Meryl - like the emeralds and the Balenciaga print but am not sure it was appropriate for the occasion. I'm also not sure about Sandra Bullock's Alexander McQueen choice: is it cool or a little too 'Golden Girls go to the buffet'? Same with Drew Barrymore's navy get up, simple gold earrings and bedhead hair. Something's just off here.

Speaking of off - Joan Allen? Bless your heart, but what on EARTH were you thinking with this necklace choice? The former queen of red carpet class just jumped the shark with this ensemble - quite possibly the worst jewelry look I have covered to date. Yikes.

The disappointment continued with Vera Farmiga's unfortunate gown choice coupled with a powder blue eyeshadow look I haven't seen since the pre-teens wore it in the 80s.

And the always reliably tacky Patricia Arquette didn't disappoint with this 'Mae West meets Priscilla Queen of the Desert' interpretation. ALL Sequins? WITH gold chandeliers? Really?

As usual, I MUST know what you hounds think, so weigh in. And if the spirit moves you, check out the Fashion News for more SAG jewelry buzz and their Facebook Page for a complete look at the SAG divas on display.

Diane Kruger's Tangerine Dream

SAG Awards jewelry is still dancing in my head, but before I get to my overall impressions (will post tomorrow), can I just take a moment to applaud Diane Kruger for once again killing it on the red carpet?

Taking a cue from Michelle Obama's penchant for young designer Jason Wu, Kruger stunned the crowd with a Wu (is it mustard-yellow, burnt-sienna, rustic-orange?) off-the shoulder gown accessorized with Harry Winston gold and ruby drop earrings and a series of ruby and diamond bracelets and bangles.

It's the perfect mix of 'make an impression' meets 'taste' in my book. Do you guys agree? Weigh in! And stay tuned for more SAG snark - including what could possibly be the worst necklace I have ever seen on display during Awards Season.

Jewelers Join Forces for Haiti

Jewelers of America (JA) and Jewelers for Children (JFC) are joining forces to raise money for both immediate and long-term relief efforts in Haiti, according to a press release.

Members of the jewelry trade are encouraged to visit JFC's website,, to contribute directly to the organization, which will immediately distribute the contributions to the Haiti relief funds:

Direct Relief International

Save the Children

The American Red Cross International Response Fund.

Those who want to give should know that the JA/JFC effort will match contributions made between now and January 25th up to a total of $30,000.

This is a critical time for Haiti, with the country now in desperate need of immediate aid for ongoing rescue efforts and to provide food, shelter, water and medical services. JA and JFC urge members of the jewelry industry to join them in reaching out to support Haiti today.

And industry and non-industry folks? Be sure to tune in to the George Clooney "Hope For Haiti" telethon tonight with all of Hollywood's A-List (Leo, Bono, Justin, Jay-Z, Alicia, Rihanna, Christina etc etc). The show airs commercial free across all networks at 8pm. Word on the street is Brad Pitt is manning the phones. I'm just sayin'....

Three Magic Words: 20% Off Wholesale

We jewelry and fashion hounds know there are sample sales and there are sample sales. Sometimes you find what you're looking for only to realize the discounted price is more than you'd pay off the rack or the 'huge' selection they promise is wittled down to the gauche and the gaudy.

But JewelClub is a happy shining place of constant sample sale hope. With new product added constantly and prices as high as 80% off retail, the 'digger' in all of us can give our sample sale shovels a rest. Permanently.

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Teardrops on Trend

If the Awards Season red carpet is any indication, teardrop-shaped jewelry is a big trend for 2010. From the AMAs to the Golden Globes, Hollywood divas and the stylists who stalk them are choosing the teardrop earring, in particular, to make a statement.

Teardrop-cut stones are a great way to get a big look for less, and's retail partner, Sears, has several great styles I found that fit both the fashion bill and your budget.

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